DreamHost Design System

Welcome to the DreamHost design system guidelines. This documentation offers the design specification and components to implement our communications and products. Please consider these guidelines a living document that will evolve as we continue to develop our design language & culture.

Getting Started

Our design system consists of three key properties that are useful for both designers & developers working with Dreamhost.

Design Principles

How we think about, discuss & justify our design process.

Sketch Library

Assets for rapid hi-fi mockups. The shared Sketch library is version controlled through Abstract.



DreamHost.css is our bespoke library of reusable utilities & components.

Contributing to the design system

How to work collaboratively with the framework

  1. Design a product or page using the existing Sketch pattern library.
  2. Build product prototype & production code using DreamHost.css existing components creating custom styles where needed for new components.
  3. Release & prove new components.
  4. Add new components to Sketch pattern library.
  5. Build new components into DreamHost.css framework.
  6. Document new components and variants.

By following this simple workflow we will only promote tried & tested components into the living library. Party time!