Standard Icons

Icons are powerful visual representations of our products and services. They are helpers that should not be overused.

Standard Icons

Standard icons are versatile and used to signify key points, bring attention to important messages, and support wayfinding. They are utilized on web pages, marketing materials, and emails. You can request these icons by contacting the design team or browse font awesome if you have the font file.


Product icons comes in two treatments, Shaded and lined.

Shaded Icons
Primary Pallete
Lined Icons
Secondary Pallete


Our standard icons are provided through the Font Awesome icon library where we commonly use the “Regular” styling option. Icons could be partnered with a background shape for stylistic appeal.

Shaded Icons


Here are some samples on how we use our standard icons

Icons positioning is always before any text this can be on top or on the left.

Example 1 Example 2

Icons can have backgrounds for circles we only use Off White (#F4F6F9), for the squares it is Green, Purple, or Blue and for White squares it needs to have a drop shadow for the white square to be visible.

Example 3

Icon minimum size is height is 50px

Example 4
We have a fair bit of arrow/chevron icons used in the webiste for consistency use only Gilroy Bold font arrow → ← ↑ ↓

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