Illustrations are used to add visual support to our marketing messaging. You’ll find them alongside of text on our web pages, blogs, and emails to better explain what is being said in text. Note that spot illustrations should not be used as call-to-actions, and they should only be recycled if the messaging is relevant.


Aesthetically speaking, our illustrations must be clean, consistent and professional in their execution. They should evoke feelings of friendliness and warmth. When illustrating people, we must be thoughtful, diverse, and inclusive.

Types of Illustrations

Stock Illustrations

Stock illustrations are bought online. We use the Good Studio stock library as a base to create graphics.

Stock Illustration Example 1
Stock Illustration Example 2

Representational UI

Representational UI’s are illustrations representing digital products, features & workflows.

Representational UI 1
Representational UI 2


Once downloaded, illustrations are recolored using the Dreamhost’s brand color palette. Visit the color page to learn more about how to use colors.

Illustration Color Do

Do use the color pallete to create good contrast and color combinations.

Illustration Color Don't

Don’t use illustrations directly after download without recoloring to fit the color guidelines.


Add icons, objects and background shapes to convey ideas and messaging.

Assembly Do

Do add context to the illustrations by using related icons and objects.

Assembly Don't

Don’t combine elements with contrasting styles that don’t work well together.


Blog Featured Image Template

Use this template size when creating a blog image that doesn’t have any content.

Blog Template

Blog Social Card Template

Use this template size when creating a blog image that requires to have a 50% text and 50% graphics.

Social Card Template

Linkedln and Instagram Template

Use this template when creating a Linkedln Graphics.

Linkedin and Instagram Template

Twitter Template

Use this template when creating a Twitter Graphics.

Twitter Template

Template Usage Example

In this example, we break down how to build a blog graphics using the blog template and illustrations.

Template Usage

Export Process

We use Figma to create our illustrations, and export the requested images. In the lower right of the workspace find the Export section.

Step 1: Select a image format type

When exporting an image make sure to select the correct format of the illustration.

Step 2: Export the image

When exporting the an illustrataion make sure to follow the instructions that was given. For example blog images, we follow a JPG format.

Template Usage

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