The DreamHost logo plays the role of our company’s handshake. It’s typically the first thing a potential customer sees, and allows them to distinguish our products and services from our competitors’. Keeping the logo’s usage clean and consistent throughout all of our materials is an important step to building strong brand recognition.

Logo usage

Our logo should be used as demonstrated below. If for any reason these logos don’t fit your requirements, contact the brand team to discuss alternative solutions.

Dreamhost logo - White text on dark blue background

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Dreamhost logo - Dark blue text on white background

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What is our logomark?

Our logomark is the moon shaped icon, or symbol that does not contain our company name. Popular third party examples include Apple’s apple, and Nike’s swoosh.

Dreamhost logo - White mark on dark blue background

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Dreamhost logo - Dark blue mark on white background

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When to use the logomark

Our logomark should be used sparingly. Recommended usage should be limited to message board avatars, social site pro le images, or any other approved space that requires a squared image to represent the DreamHost brand.

What is clearspace?

The area that surrounds the logo is as important as the logo itself. The minimum area of ‘clear space’ provides breathing room to the logo, and eliminates visual clutter from surrounding text and graphics that may compete with our logo.

Dreamhost logo - clearspace


Establishing logo guidelines helps keep our brand consistent, allowing us to look professional and as trustworthy as possible.


The logo should be used as provided by DreamHost. No changes, including but not limited to changes in color, proportion or design. The logo may not be animated, or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.

Dreamhost logo - do not use old

Do not use the old logos

Dreamhost logo - do not change color

Do not change the logo colors

Dreamhost logo - do not change type

Do not change the logo type

Dreamhost logo - do not rotate

Do not rotate the logo

Dreamhost logo - do not distort

Do not distort the logo

Dreamhost logo - do not add effects

Do not add effects to the logo