Brand Characteristics


Approachable. We’re here to help. We take complicated technical concepts and distill them down into plain english, without judgment or condescension. We speak to our customer’s experience level because we value them.

Conversational. We aren’t overly-formal, contrived or corporate. We’re people first, marketers second. We never sound scripted or phony.

Fun & irreverent. We are playful and don’t mind a little humor. We try to keep it PG-13, but no promises.

Authentic. We get straight to the point. We’re candid, don’t dance around touchy subjects, and are always real with people.


People-Centric. There are real people working at DreamHost. There’s real people using DreamHost. We’ll never lose sight of that.

Playful. We’re fun! We feel positive, upbeat, and alive.

Relevant. We aren’t dated. We use modern best practices and aesthetics.

Simple. We’re clean, not cluttered. Function over form. A goal is always clear and effortless to achieve.


Educators. You can do what you want with us. We’ll tell you how.

Engaged. We’re not just here to take our users’ money. We’re their partner.

Proactive. When we see something needing improvement, we improve it.

Creative. We’re built by dreamers, for dreamers. The sky’s the limit, bitches!

Enthusiastic. People, you can do it. Our passion is infectious.

Inclusive. We’re all just people, tryin’ to make it in this world. Love and respect is key.

Welcoming. We are your host on the web. Come over and we’ll take care of you.